ISO Shipping Container Modifications

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CTS Containers is experienced in container modifications, offering a range of services to customize containers based on specific customer requirements. These modifications can include structural changes, interior fit-outs, and additional features to enhance functionality and meet unique needs. Here are some examples of container modifications offered by CTS Containers:

Structural Modifications: CTS Containers can modify the structure of containers to create custom-sized units or combine multiple containers to form larger spaces. This allows for flexible configurations and the creation of modular solutions tailored to specific project needs.

Interior Fit-outs: CTS Containers can customize the interior of containers to accommodate various purposes. This may involve adding insulation, partitions, electrical wiring, lighting, ventilation systems, and plumbing. We can create functional spaces such as offices, storage areas, workshops, laboratories, or living quarters.

Doors, Windows, and Entry Points: CTS Containers can install additional doors, windows, or entry points in containers to improve access, natural lighting, and ventilation. These modifications can include roll-up doors, sliding doors, glass windows, or specialized entry systems based on customer requirements.

Security Enhancements: Containers can be modified with enhanced security features, such as reinforced doors, security grilles, locking mechanisms, and alarm systems. These modifications ensure the safety and protection of valuable assets or sensitive equipment stored within the containers.

Customized Branding and Exterior Finishes: CTS Containers can apply custom branding, logos, and exterior finishes to containers, aligning them with a company’s brand identity or project aesthetics. This can include paintwork, vinyl wraps, signage, or specialized coatings for added durability and weather resistance.

Electrical and HVAC Installations: CTS Containers can incorporate electrical systems, including wiring, outlets, and distribution panels, to support various power needs within the container. Additionally, we can install HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems to provide a comfortable interior environment.

Certification and Compliance: CTS Containers ensures that all modifications comply with relevant industry standards and regulations. We work closely with certification authorities to obtain necessary certifications, such as structural integrity certifications, electrical safety certifications, or fire safety compliance.

By offering comprehensive container modification services, CTS Containers enables customers to transform standard shipping containers into purpose-built solutions that meet their specific requirements. Whether it’s for commercial, industrial, residential, or specialized applications, CTS Containers has the expertise to deliver customized container modifications that maximize functionality and usability.

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