ISO Shipping Container (Seacan) Fleet Rental and Sale

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CTS Containers offers both sales and rental options for ISO containers, providing flexibility to meet the diverse needs of their customers. Here’s a summary of our ISO container sales and rental services:

ISO Container Sales: CTS Containers has a wide inventory of ISO containers available for purchase. These containers are built to international standards, ensuring quality, durability, and compatibility with transportation systems. Customers can choose from various sizes, configurations, and container types to suit their specific requirements.

ISO Container Rental: CTS Containers also offers ISO container rental services for customers who require temporary storage or have short-term project needs. Rental options provide a cost-effective solution without the commitment of purchasing containers outright. Rental terms can be tailored to the duration and specific needs of the customer.

New and Used Containers: CTS Containers provides options for both new and used ISO containers. New containers offer pristine condition and meet the latest industry standards. Used containers are inspected to ensure they are in good working condition, providing a more budget-friendly choice without compromising quality.

Customization and Modifications: CTS Containers can customize and modify ISO containers based on customer requirements. We offer services such as adding doors, windows, partitions, insulation, electrical installations, and other modifications to optimize container functionality and suit specific purposes.

Delivery and Logistics: CTS Containers manages the logistics and transportation of ISO containers for sales or rental. We have the expertise to arrange efficient delivery, including sea freight, trucking, or intermodal transportation, to ensure containers reach the desired location promptly and safely.

Compliance and Documentation: CTS Containers ensures that all ISO containers for sale or rental meet international standards and regulations. We provide the necessary documentation, such as container certificates, to ensure compliance with safety and operational requirements.

Whether customers require ISO containers for long-term use through sales or temporary storage solutions via rentals, CTS Containers offers a range of options to meet our customer’s needs. With customization services, logistics support, and compliance assurance, CTS Containers aims to provide reliable and tailored ISO container solutions to our customers.

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