ISO / CSC Container Testing

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Our testing rig for ISO/CSC containers is a proven platform for ensuring compliance with rigorous international standards. Through the use of a hydraulic system, it allows us to simulate a wide range of conditions and scenarios that a container might encounter throughout its lifecycle. This capability is crucial to performing in-depth testing in line with the requirements laid out in ISO 1496-1 and ISO 1496-2. These standards focus specifically on the container’s performance under stacking, racking, and lifting conditions.

The hydraulic stack testing mechanism of our rig is capable of replicating the weight and stress a container might experience when stacked in a ship or on a dock. This allows us to verify a container’s ability to withstand the pressure of multiple containers stacked above it. Additionally, our rig lets us assess a container’s resistance to longitudinal and transverse racking forces. These are the horizontal forces that could occur during transportation, and it’s vital that every container can handle them without failure.

Our rig’s lifting setup is designed to check the structural integrity of the container’s corner fittings, replicating the conditions they may encounter when being loaded or unloaded by a crane. This thorough and robust approach to testing ensures that all the containers we assess meet the stringent ISO and CSC requirements. This, in turn, provides an assurance of safety and reliability in every container’s performance, irrespective of the challenging environments they may face during their service life.

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