ISO / CSC Container Testing

Our testing rig for ISO/CSC containers is a proven platform for ensuring compliance with rigorous international standards. Through the use of a hydraulic system, it allows us to simulate a wide range of conditions and scenarios that a container might encounter throughout its lifecycle. This capability is crucial to performing in-depth testing in line with the requirements laid out in ISO 1496-1 and ISO 1496-2. These standards focus specifically on the container’s performance under stacking, racking, and lifting conditions.

ISO Shipping Container Modifications

CTS Containers specializes in container modifications, offering a range of customization services to meet specific customer requirements. Our modifications include structural changes, interior fit-outs, additional doors/windows, security enhancements, branding, and electrical/HVAC installations. Electrical installations are being inspected and approved as per CSA SPE-1000. We ensure compliance with regulations and certifications. CTS Containers’ modifications transform standard containers into functional spaces for various purposes.

ISO Container Depot (Storage, Handling and Repair)

CTS Containers offers comprehensive storage and handling services for ISO containers, including depot services. We provide secure storage facilities for short-term and long-term storage, conduct regular inspections and maintenance, and offer inventory management solutions. CTS Containers also handles container repositioning, depot services such as cleaning, reconditioning, and modifications, as well as loaded container handling. They ensure compliance with regulations and offer value-added services. Overall, CTS Containers provides a complete solution for the storage and handling of ISO containers, ensuring their safety, maintenance, and efficient management.