Low Cost Center Production Management (Supply Chain Establishment)​

CTS Containers implements a low-cost center production management approach to optimize our supply chain establishment. We focus on cost efficiency, supply chain optimization, lean manufacturing principles, and continuous improvement while maintaining stringent quality control. Additionally, CTS Containers has strategic partnerships with factories in Asia and Europe to expand production capacity, access specialized expertise, leverage geographical advantages, streamline the supply chain, and enhance scalability and flexibility. These initiatives allow CTS Containers to deliver cost-effective solutions without compromising quality and meet customer demands effectively.

In-House Design

Combined experience of 60+ years in the container industry gives us a huge advantage to solve our clients’ challenges related to container design for their specific equipment or application. We use CSC/ISO1496 for international shipping containers and DNV2.7-1 For Offshore cargo containers as well as DNV 2.7-2 for offshore service containers.

ISO Shipping Container Modifications

CTS Containers specializes in container modifications, offering a range of customization services to meet specific customer requirements. Our modifications include structural changes, interior fit-outs, additional doors/windows, security enhancements, branding, and electrical/HVAC installations. Electrical installations are being inspected and approved as per CSA SPE-1000. We ensure compliance with regulations and certifications. CTS Containers’ modifications transform standard containers into functional spaces for various purposes.

Design & Manufacturing Custom Containers

CTS Containers is a leading provider of container design and manufacturing services. Our dedicated design team utilizes advanced CAD software to create custom container designs that meet industry standards. With expertise in material selection and adherence to standards such as ISO, CSC, and DNV 2.7-1, CTS Containers ensures the production of high-quality containers. They also offer customization and modification services to tailor containers to specific customer requirements. Continuous improvement and staying updated with the latest industry trends are key aspects of their operations. CTS Containers is committed to delivering containers that meet stringent standards and cater to diverse customer needs.

Prototype Design & Certification

CTS Containers offers prototype manufacturing, testing, and certification services for their container designs. We conduct rigorous testing procedures, including ISO testing and DNV 2.7-1 drop tests, to validate the performance, structural integrity, and safety of their containers. We collaborate with certification authorities such as DNV, LR, and ABS to ensure compliance with industry standards. This commitment to testing and certification helps CTS Containers deliver reliable and high-quality containers that meet or exceed regulatory requirements.