Low Cost Center Production Management (Supply Chain Establishment)​

CTS Containers implements a low-cost center production management approach to optimize our supply chain establishment. We focus on cost efficiency, supply chain optimization, lean manufacturing principles, and continuous improvement while maintaining stringent quality control. Additionally, CTS Containers has strategic partnerships with factories in Asia and Europe to expand production capacity, access specialized expertise, leverage geographical advantages, streamline the supply chain, and enhance scalability and flexibility. These initiatives allow CTS Containers to deliver cost-effective solutions without compromising quality and meet customer demands effectively.

Offshore Container Fleet Sale & Rental

CTS Containers offers a comprehensive fleet of high-quality offshore containers for rental. These containers are specifically designed for offshore operations as per DNV 2.7-1 Offshore Containers, meeting international standards and certified by a 3rd part authority. With a range of container types and sizes available. We handle logistics and offer flexible rental terms. Maintenance and support services ensure the containers are in optimal condition. CTS Containers’ rental services enable efficient and secure offshore operations in the oil and gas industry and other offshore projects.

Prototype Design & Certification

CTS Containers offers prototype manufacturing, testing, and certification services for their container designs. We conduct rigorous testing procedures, including ISO testing and DNV 2.7-1 drop tests, to validate the performance, structural integrity, and safety of their containers. We collaborate with certification authorities such as DNV, LR, and ABS to ensure compliance with industry standards. This commitment to testing and certification helps CTS Containers deliver reliable and high-quality containers that meet or exceed regulatory requirements.