ISO Shipping Container (Seacan) Fleet Rental and Sale

CTS Containers provides sales and rental services for ISO containers. We offer a wide inventory of new and used containers that meet international standards. Customers can choose to purchase containers or opt for flexible rental options based on their specific requirements. CTS Containers also offers customization and modification services to tailor the containers to customer needs. We handle logistics and transportation, ensuring prompt delivery. CTS Containers provides comprehensive solutions for ISO container sales and rental, accommodating various customer needs.

ISO Container Depot (Storage, Handling and Repair)

CTS Containers offers comprehensive storage and handling services for ISO containers, including depot services. We provide secure storage facilities for short-term and long-term storage, conduct regular inspections and maintenance, and offer inventory management solutions. CTS Containers also handles container repositioning, depot services such as cleaning, reconditioning, and modifications, as well as loaded container handling. They ensure compliance with regulations and offer value-added services. Overall, CTS Containers provides a complete solution for the storage and handling of ISO containers, ensuring their safety, maintenance, and efficient management.

Offshore Container Fleet Sale & Rental

CTS Containers offers a comprehensive fleet of high-quality offshore containers for rental. These containers are specifically designed for offshore operations as per DNV 2.7-1 Offshore Containers, meeting international standards and certified by a 3rd part authority. With a range of container types and sizes available. We handle logistics and offer flexible rental terms. Maintenance and support services ensure the containers are in optimal condition. CTS Containers’ rental services enable efficient and secure offshore operations in the oil and gas industry and other offshore projects.